English Springer Spaniels

    " vom KING-CHARLES "
    Home of European Springer
    where success it at home!

...and on the eight day God created
English Springer Spaniels....
Select English Springer Spaniel out of European Champion Bloodlines from
Germany, Sweden, Italy, Czech Republic, Australia, England & USA
We specialized in the imported "Classic Type" English Springer Spaniel !

"Expect NO Less"
"Accept NO Less"
We raise quality English Springer Spaniels for Show and Hunting for many years.  We strive to
produce happy, healthy and sound puppies with each litter.  All these babies will need when you take
them home, is your ongoing love and attention.  Our maximal breeding stock is 5 females and 1 male.
We have only
2-3  litters a year.  This is fairly small.

Reservation suggested, limited breedings, puppies available occasionally only!!!
I'm not a breeder who lives of their dog breeding income!  

We living FOR our dogs not FROM!!

This allows us to provide our babies with the proper health, love and devotion that they
deserve.  We looking very long and critical for the RIGHT people before we sell our pups.  
We do not sell to brokers, pet stores, or commercial breeders.  All our dogs are raised with
tender loving care, and fed only with top quality food, appropriate for their stage in live.  All
members of our canine family are very well socialized and very friendly with adults, children
and other dogs before they leave us for their new homes. We believe that excellent
parents, good nutrition and clean environment and lots of love make a happy, healthy
If you look for a well bred quality puppy from a reputable breeder that performs all
recommended health tests for Dam and Sire you should expect a price at least
$1200.00 and up.   All our dogs have the tests done and they OFA certified!


We over  and over get the question from people that bought already a Springer pup
from us or they are interested in one, "How you do that, that your puppies looking
so different with 8 weeks than other ones?"  Even our Vet is always very impressed
from the quality of our puppies, they are very strong boned, healthy with a silky,
shiny coat and clear eyes, more then a cut above!

There is one little secret...
The Food!

From our long experience, nothing is better then "Fresh Meat". We are very lucky to
have a good butcher on the hand for rests of fresh meat. We never try to save
money on good food. Our puppies starting with real cooked oatmeal plus whole milk,
eggs and honey, 3 times a day, starting to the milk from the mother in the 3th week.  
From the 5th week on they get a good dry food, mixed with fresh meat and a tea
spoon mineral supplement plus egg yolks.   We know for sure what you miss in the
first 10 weeks you never, ever catch up again.
That all makes the difference!!

We decided to cross the American (paint brushed) and European (original) English Springer
Spaniel to get out of that very small gene pool her in the US.  The European breeding
standard and rules are the most restricted in the world and you can
NOT breed without to
have all the important health tests done
. All out puppies coming with a 5 year health
guarantee in an written contract, stating they are free from any genetic diseases
.  Why we
can do this?
 There is no more major diseases in Springer from Europe, they all are tested
for generations.

We never pick our spaniels that we use for breeding for color, more important is the
anatomic and the character and health to us.
A healthy puppy from responsible Breeders is never "cheap" because the time and costs to
get all the important health tests done and care is very intensive.  

We are located in Aberdeen, Idaho, which is close to American Falls and living on 5 acres,
full fenced and cross-fenced only for our dogs. They are all AKC  registered and have
excellent bloodlines with many champions in their pedigrees.  We strive to meet AKC & FCI
standards and we always trying to better the breed. Our dogs are not in kennels only to
sleep over night in an closed building. They running and playing around all together the
whole day and enjoying the green grass and perfect climate in the mid west.
Our Springers are our biggest hobby and one that we really love!!   We do not work outside
the home because we retired from work.  We are with our babies 24 hour a day, with very
little time for myself. No vacations. I am very lucky to have a husband that helps and
supports me, I couldn't do it without him!

Please be aware that males make excellent pets. If they are neutered at around 6 months
of age, they usually do not lift their legs. They are calm, easier to train, lovable and have
great dispositions.
I breed for good temperament and my males are sweet and love to be held.

I have lots of references if you would like them. I would also be happy to give you the name
and phone number of my Vet upon request.

If you are a broker, puppy mill, large kennel or pet store please do NOT contact me.  I
want my puppies to go to good loving forever homes where they will be appreciated for the
sweet babies they are.
Elisabeth Gardner
5507 New Hope Rd
Grants Pass, OR 97527


Elisabeth Gardner
3155 W 1500S
(Vanderford Rd)
Aberdeen, ID 83210

Cell:    541-295-5444
Home: 208-254-7396