Here at “vom King-Charles” Kennel, we take only 3 deposits for each sex up front on
unborn puppies.
Those people have the first choice!
However, we do set up waiting lists. We will take your name, number, and e-mail
address and contact you as soon as we have puppies. This is our philosophy due to
we do not like to except  money for something we do not have enough....there could be
extenuating circumstances arise beyond our control. We will contact our waiting
list and send photos to people on our waiting list of what we have available.

At that time it is up to the purchaser to contact us back and send a deposit for the
puppy they intend to purchase. We will remain in contact and send progress reports
and photos of the puppy until time for pick-up or shipping to the new owners.  

*Puppies are placed in approved homes only and we have the right
refuse placement of our puppies.

*Deposits are non refundable, unless other written arrangements are made!!

*We do not believe in co-ownership. Your puppy is your's to enjoy. We do require
our puppies to be raised in a home environment, and in a loving atmosphere with
room to run, play, and grow.

*Puppies are like children they need a lot of attention. If you cannot devote the
necessary time to raise a puppy, then please reconsider your choice. They are also a
lifetime commitment and not a disposable item. We require the puppy/dog to be
returned to Kennel “vom King-Charles” if for any reason you cannot keep him/her!
Our contract is a legal binding agreement.

*We have taken great effort, time, and cost into breeding only the finest quality
English Springer Spaniels, as well as incorporating only the best quality German and
European lineages/bloodlines. We love and care for our Springers, and go above
and beyond for them! It shows!! We only want the best, as quality begets quality.

*We advise potential puppy owners to look around and ask questions.

*Our puppies are raised in our home/kennel, and in a loving social environment.

*We are there for you and your puppy, we want you to keep in contact and send

*We will answer any questions you may have and will help throughout the life of
your English Springer Spaniel
*If there is something that has not been addressed please contact us. We will help
you in any way we can!!